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Review of the Dumbbell Routines & Exercises eBook
by Courtney Desrosiers

Dumbbell Routines and Exercises That Really Work is exactly what you want if you are looking for an informative, easy-to-follow comprehensive education on how to proper get started training with dumbbells. This 89-page e-book really delivers, covering everything you need to know including equipment, training and safety, exercise routines and groups, dumbbell exercises, stretching, and more. It even includes suggested routines. The information is provided in an easy-to-read style that tells you everything you need to know without being condescending or too overly-simplified.

The first sections of the book-parts one and two-focus on giving the reader a good overview about a variety of types of exercise, the different kinds of dumbbells available and descriptions of various sorts of exercise equipment. All of the equipment descriptions emphasize things that you would want to include as part of a home gym.

The next section, Training and Safety Tips, is one of my favorites in the book. No matter how experienced and knowledgeable you think you may be there is a lot of worthwhile information that can benefit any reader packed into these five pages. It not only gives you an overview of the basic "do's and don'ts," but goes beyond that and covers coping with stress and the importance of cooling down as well. This section is wrapped up with an excellent list of 22 training tips that provide valuable information for exercise enthusiasts at any level-beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Part four, Exercise Routines and Groups, is the precursor to the next four sections, which are really the heart and soul of the book-the exercises. This segment of the book basically lists the different dumbbell exercises described in detail further on, breaking them down by muscle groups. It does the same for the stretching, abdominal and stability ball exercises detailed in later sections.

Section five, Dumbbell Exercise Descriptions, explains in easy-to-understand concepts, exactly how to perform each exercise properly. The descriptions are concise yet thorough and include clear photos of each exercise. Every aspect of the exercise is covered-hand and body positions, the movements from start to finish, along with anything else that you might need to know in order to perform the exercise properly. I particularly like the way that the instructions include useful tips about maximizing effectiveness and how to avoid pain and/or injury.

The dumbbell exercise section starts out with four exercises for the chest and then moves on to six different shoulder exercises. In the shoulders section, the explanations about the difference between the anterior (front) deltoid, middle/outer deltoid and rear deltoid are useful and a good inclusion-too many exercise books assume prior knowledge about our bodies and muscle groups. The rest of the section gives a really nice variety of dumbbell exercises for the back, biceps, triceps, legs, forearms and abdominal muscles.

Part six is dedicated to stretching exercises-an important element of a well-balanced healthy routine that is too often overlooked by far too many fitness enthusiasts. The section starts out with a nice, informative explanation about the importance of stretching-what happens to our bodies, why it's necessary to stretch, and more. This is followed by clear explanations of ten stretching exercises that cover all of the major muscle groups. The directions are easy to understand and accompanied by helpful photos.

Section seven gives a nice run through of more than a dozen different abdominal exercises to strengthen the body's core. The exercises range from the very simple-for the beginner-to more the more advanced levels for intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Next up is a very well-written section on the gym (or Swiss) ball. This innocuous but very effective piece of equipment is under-utilized or overlooked entirely by lots of people who could really benefit from its use. This versatile gem can be incorporated into training routines for just about any body part and can be used with just body weight or with dumbbells. A key advantage of gym balls is that they require you use multiple muscle groups to perform the exercises. They're also great for improving coordination, balance and posture.

The last part of the book is focused entirely on presenting a variety of exercise routines. Beginner, intermediate and advanced routines are included. The routines start out with full-body workouts in each session for beginners, moving on up to upper/lower body in the intermediate routines and separating them out even further in the advanced routines.

There is a lot of misinformation and plenty of hype in the fitness world. Dumbbell Routines and Exercises That Really Work stands out from the crowd as a solid source of reliable, practical, and safe information for those who seek it. It is an excellent training resource for anyone looking to start getting fit or get back into the training groove.


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