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We have created a free report for you entitled, "Getting Started With Dumbbells". This is a pdf file that you can give away to your Web site visitors, newsletter subscribers, blog readers or anyone you'd like. Within the free report there are advertisements for the "Dumbbell Routines & Exercises eBook".

The really cool part is these links are brandable. This simply means that you can use our PDF Brander to add your own clickbank ID, creating your own affiliate links.

Below you have a zip file that contains two files. One is the PDF report. The other is the branding tool. All you have to do is drag the PDF file into the Branding tool. The branding tool will than ask you for your clickbank ID. Enter your clickbank nickname than click BRAND. Next hit save. The tool will save you a "branded" version of the report that contains all your clickbank affiliate links! Name your branded version something different so you can find it later, and remember where you save it on your computer.

Download Your Free Report & Branding Software As A Zip File Here

Here is an eBook cover image you can use.

Getting Started With DBs free Report

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